Bubbly And Barefoot





Studio: Anton Video
Approximate Running Time: 00:11:21
Date Added: 2022-05-14
Released: 2014

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The girls have fun showing off their sexy feet. Karlie comes home in a dress and heels, complaining to her roommate Stacy that her feet are sore. She takes the heels off and Stacy takes off her own slip-ons. Stacy rubs Karlie’s feet and then the two girls put their pretty feet together sole to sole. They use their feet to rub each other’s feet. Then they turn their soles toward the camera and talk about their feet.
Clip 1 - 11 mins 21 secs

Bubbly And Barefoot Clip 1 00:00:40
Bubbly And Barefoot Clip 1 00:00:60
Bubbly And Barefoot Clip 1 00:05:40
Bubbly And Barefoot Clip 1 00:08:20
Bubbly And Barefoot Clip 1 00:10:20
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Cast & Stars: Bubbly And Barefoot

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