Girl Girl Sex 333





Approximate Running Time: 01:43:56
Date Added: 2021-10-30
Released: 2021

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Scene 1: Wearing only a bra beneath her overalls, Ophelia watches porn on her phone, and her hand drifts between her legs. When she gets caught by Anahi, she invites her to join in the fun, and soon Anahi has hiked up her dress to rub herself. Yet sexy images on the screen pale in comparison to the real thing, and Anahi starts sucking Ophelia's nipple before eagerly stripping off her clothes. Anahi bends Ophelia over to get penetrated in doggy, then lets her suck her wet fingers so she can taste herself.

Ophelia decides they should make their own porn, so gets out her phone to record Anahi passionately sucking her clit, while looking up at her with sparkling eyes. Sitting side by side to masturbate each other, they snap a joyful selfie before stroking their meaty labia to intense orgasms, then fall in a sweet embrace.

Scene 2: Alecia and Daniela look so cute in their dresses, that they can't keep their hands off each other. Alecia uncovers Daniela's matching lingerie, while Daniela kneels to lift Alecia's hem, and kiss her bum over her cotton panties. When Daniela happily climbs atop Alecia's face, a bright smile lights up her face, as she savors the long stroke of her friend's tongue against her fleshy vulva. Alecia thoughtfully heightens Daniela's pleasure by reaching up to squeeze her soft breasts, pushing her over the edge to a blissful climax. A spirited round of tribbing becomes extra-intimate when Daniela rests her leg on Alecia's shoulder, and they hold hands while sharing deep eye contact. Alecia gets the final orgasm when Daniela eats her pussy from behind, and the intense pleasure from her friend's mouth makes her moan, while pressing her flushed face against the wall.

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Girl Girl Sex 333 Clip 1 00:43:00

Stars: Anahi | Ophelia D.
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Cast & Stars: Girl Girl Sex 333

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