At The Devil's Mercy





Studio: Amator
Approximate Running Time: 00:45:17
Date Added: 2021-10-13
Released: 2021

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Quite quickly the rubber object realizes that it was not a good idea to beg for mercy and an orgasm. But he just can't stand the pressure in his cage anymore. But what does he want to do so defenselessly strapped on the Boomer. It is completely at the mercy of the little devil who has the key to his freedom and orgasm dreams.

After the Chastiy cage was finally removed by the mistress after such a long time, the whole misery of the rubber slave candidate shows itself. Instead of a real hard cock a somewhat larger "clitoris" appears which also seems to be completely "functionless"... but also here the Rubber Goddess can surely remedy the situation

Until now the rubber object has turned out to be completely useless, apparently the punishment time in the Chastity was too long and the transformation to the mouth cunt without rights to the own cock already arrived in the upper level but generous as the goddess is she gives the "useless" another chance and unpacks the pneumatic milking machine...

Unfortunately, the rubber object fails completely, not even the pneumatic machine still gives him a usable "hard Dick"! Here helps then really only one thing and that means permanent locked of the unnecessary dicklet and that even in a 3cm Chastity! That Rubber Goddess Ikona at the end of the day then dispose the key to the Chastity in the local sewerage is clear!

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Clip 1 - 45 mins 17 secs

At The Devil's Mercy Clip 1 00:06:40
At The Devil's Mercy Clip 1 00:15:40
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At The Devil's Mercy Clip 1 00:24:40
At The Devil's Mercy Clip 1 00:30:40

Stars: Ikona Black
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Cast & Stars: At The Devil's Mercy

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