Ebony Ballers






Studio: Penthouse
Approximate Running Time: 02:06:03
Date Added: 2020-12-24
Released: 2020

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What could be better than beautiful girls of color who can recite basketball plays and know their way around the court as well as your balls, who will sit on you dribbling their jiggly asses up and down your rock hard shank hoping for a taste of your sweet load in their perfect mouths? Nothing, but a beer after that would be great!

Scene 1: Kira (Noir) has always gotten participation achievement awards in basketball but never won a play-off. Her coach suggested cross-training to sharpen her skills so she asks Codey (Steele) to help her with weight training. First he has to check out her form, it’s pretty hot, and suddenly his form is looking good to her. Soon cross-training turns into swapping fluids and pounding meat!

Scene 2: Nia’s (Nacci) injured herself during basketball training so her coach sends physical therapist, Logan (Long) over to see what he can do. The target area is her groin! After some “groinal” exploration Logan discovers the real target area, her “G” spot and that, my fellow basketball lovers, is what you call a slam dunk for all!

Scene 3: Alexis (Tae) shows up to her meeting with Assistant Coach (Jake) Adams sporting a hangover and unprepared. He is not pleased and is going to report this to the head coach. Alexis is afraid of getting kicked off the team and will do anything to stop him from telling on her… anything! It’s Coach Adams’ intention to make her earn his silence and test just exactly how deep that throat of hers can take him!

Scene 4: Jenna’s (Foxx) just back from a basketball game and needs to wind down. Even though boyfriend Romeo (Price) has work to be done, Jenna’s hot body and playful persistence soon persuades him to put down his work and take off his pants for a satisfying blowjob and entrance into her dripping wet pussy!

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