Damsel In Distress 761 - Rachel Haunting






Studio: Red MILF Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:33:07
Date Added: 2021-01-14
Released: 2011

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Rachel's marriage was on the rocks. She transferred more than half of the money in the joint account to another personal account to be sure it was safe for her daughter. Her husband found out and confronted Rachel. They argued and things got messy. He had a terrible temper. Rachel did not survive the fight but her ghost did. Frank buried her body where it would never be found. Frank had taken out a big insurance policy on her a few years back. Frank spent her money on a new house, moving him and Kelsey away from the farm. He did not anything to do with the brat but he knew he had to take her along to keep up the appearance of the grieving widower. Kelsey was so grief stricken she did not question what happened to her mother until later. Rachel's ghost came back to protect her daughter. As she asked more questions her step father grew less patient with her. Frank had never considered Kelsey in a sexual way but the truth was that keeping with his role as the grieving widower single father limited his sexual options. He had not cared much for his wife in a long time but at least he had a sexual release. He first noticed Kelsey when she inadvertently walked into the house topless while he was sitting in the living room. Rachel's ghost was present when he lied to Kelsey about how her mother would have wanted them to live in luxury. Kelsey was visited on several occasions by Rachel's ghost. The next time was when she was masturbating in the bath tub while her father was watching through the door. Rachel seemed to be able to be there when her unscrupulous husband was betraying their daughter. Rachel visited Kelsey while she was dreaming and whispered the truth to her. Kelsey got up thinking she had a vivid dream. Finally things began to make sense and Kelsey grew suspicious of Frank. She rushed into his room and told him about the dream and asked more questions about where he was the day her mother disappeared. Frank knew he must put her in her place. He went to her room and covered her mouth with a rag rendering her XXXX. When she woke she was bound and gagged naked. He face fucked her introducing her to deep throat. He pulled her legs apart and played with her smooth pussy. He told her if she had just kept her mouth shut everything would have been fine. She told him to do whatever he wanted and then get out of her room. He gagged her and then he took her virginity. She cried out with every stroke. Rachel appeared after he had been fucking her for several minutes. Rachel's ghost watched in horror, swearing to get revenge. Rachel was helpless and could only watch as he continued to fuck her. Kelsey wept as her stepfather pounded her helpless pussy. When the animal was satisfied with his new found sex toy, he blasted her across the face. She spit and spewed his cum. Kelsey knew she must obey him, he was all she had left. Would Rachel's ghost one day even the score?
Clip 1 - 33 mins 7 secs

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Cast & Stars: Damsel In Distress 761 - Rachel Haunting

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