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Approximate Running Time: 00:55:07
Released: 1998

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Two Stable Girls know there is trouble in store for them when they are asked to report to Mrs. Benton Mayors common room for a chat about their indiscipline in the tack room. Their employer is a very well respected lady in the horsy world and expects high standards from her staff. On this particular day, there was and important local hunt and the girls were to saddle up Mrs. Benton Mayors' horse. Although simple to do, they didn't tighten the girth, and at the first hurdle, Mrs. Benton Mayor found herself flying through a hedge and wound up landing in a ditch. (Much to the local Hunt's enjoyment!) She was in a foul mood with the girls. She threatened them with dismissal, but relented in the end by merely thrashing the living daylights out of their bottoms with her riding crop and cane. She also found great pleasure in using her leather paddles across the girls' bottoms. No doubt insuring discipline would be maintained at her top stable.
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