A Rough Interview






Approximate Running Time: 00:38:20
Released: 2018

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Have you ever wanted to become a professional male TS VR porn star to fuck all these slutty T-girls and show them how it is done and give them the well-deserved huge dick of yours? This may be just a fantasy of yours but since VR Bangers Trans do listen the requests of their fans, in our latest Shemale VR porn fantasy this will be possible and realistic almost as equally as it would have happened in the real life. You don’t believe it? You damn should, especially that we do produce our TS VR porn videos in 6K ultra high definition instead of “just” 4K UHD now, so our amount of pixels is almost overwhelming these days and should provide you with a full package of sensual experiences – especially that it is accompanied by 3D 360 degrees and amazing binaural sound. Anyway, A Rough Interview TS VR porn movie, as we are talking about this scene all this time, will let you become an aforementioned professional male Shemale VR porn movies’ performer who is very “gifted” and really popular amongst the ladies. One of them – namely hot T-girl slut Khloe Kay – will get so interested in your talents and capabilities that she will be do pretty much anything to make you fuck her – she just really wants to see for herself how it would be to ride a dick of such a pro like you. Getting a VR headset of your head will be a very first step on your way to giving that to her – she is horny, can’t wait for new experiences and just really wants to start already. So… shall we? Wear your VR visor and watch A Rough Interview Shemale VR porn movie from VR Bangers Trans to give Khloe what she wants – or not? In our virtual reality everything is pretty much up to you!
Clip 1 - 38 mins 20 secs

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Cast & Stars: A Rough Interview

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