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The Tube Thieves Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:53:25
Date Added:
Released: 2010
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    I hired a private investigator to find out who's been stealing my videos and putting them on free tube sites. I found out there are 303,000 tube sites with my stuff on them illegally. Instead of getting my attorney to go after them I decided it would be much more satisfying for me to track them down and find where they are located. When I arrive at their door 2 men are there. They deny it all, which I gave them the benefit of the doubt & turn to leave. Before leaving I ask to use their bathroom. I accidentally go into the wrong room and I see all my DVDs. This is when the fun begins. I confront them again and give them both ultimatums. Now they get to see and feel first hand what they have been stealing!
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    Cast & Stars: The Tube Thieves

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