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Ayumi Anime harms herself playing softball and calls blonde bombshell Jessa Rhodes for a massage. Jessa remembers Ayumi very well and how sexy she is. She rubs every part of her clients body including her inner thighs. Exhausted, Sophia Leone and Brooke Haze return home from practice and flop down on the couch. They both need a really good massage. Brooke rubs Sophia first but she decides to let her friend show her the ropes of succulent lesbian sex. Jenna Foxx has never worked out that hard before. She accepts Jayden Coles offer on the massage. As she undresses, Jayden enjoys the view admiring her naked body. She works on her stomach and breast, but Jennas pussy could use some massaging as well.

Ayumi Anime is practicing her softball skills when she takes a tumble and hurts herself. She calls blonde bombshell Jessa Rhodes for a massage. Jessa remembers Ayumi very well and how sexy she is and agrees to see her immediately. Jessa watches Ayumi undress out of her adorable pink uniform and helps her onto the massage table. Jessa rubs every part of her clients body including her inner thighs and Ayumi is not quite sure where this is going. But Jessa puts on her lesbian charm and promises her lesbian lover she will make her feel a whole lot better. Jessa rubs Ayumi's perky boobs, then slides her tongue down towards her shaved pussy. She fingers her lesbian lovers tight pussy in several positions making her cum ecstatically. Jessa sits on top of Ayumi's face having her wet pussy devoured by her lesbian lover's mouth. They change into a 69 position, savoring their throbbing pussies moaning in sapphic bliss and pure ecstasy.

Two peppy eighteen-year-old girls in cheerleader uniforms return home from practice and flop down on the couch - they're exhausted! They've been trying to get their squad into shape to compete at Sectionals this year, but they're nowhere near ready. As the girls gossip about how the practice went, they remark that they don't think they've ever felt so sore in their life! They could both really go for a massage. Sophia Leone makes a joke that Brooke should give her a back rub, but her friend pouts that if she does that, who'll rub HER shoulders? But they decide to make a deal to take turns - each of them will give the other a 5-minute massage. The girls flip a coin to decide who gets to be rubbed first. Even though Sophia is the winner of the coin toss she tells Brooke she'll rub her first since she's the one complaining more. The cheer captain is always willing to take one for her team! Sophia remarks that she's never given a massage before, but she'll do her best. She starts rubbing Brooke Haze's back over the clothing of her cheerleader uniform, but after about a minute she remarks that it's hard to massage her back with the uniform still on - maybe Brooke should take it off? 'Umm, ok,' Brooke remarks, 'I've never really been naked in the locker room before though.' She takes her top off and flings it on the ground by the couch. Sophia continues the massage and remarks that it's much better now. She gives her friend a thorough back and shoulder massage, but after Brooke is nice and loosened up, Sophia remarks that it's her turn next! Brooke doesn't want her to stop, but begrudgingly gets up and swaps places with Brooke on the couch. Brooke remarks that maybe Sophia should take her uniform top off same as she did, the massage felt way better after she did. 'Good idea,' Sophia agrees and removes her top, placing it in the pile next to her friend's before lying back on her stomach. Brooke starts giving Sophia a back massage, although quickly Sophia notices that it's her lower back that's in the most agony. Brooke tries to go lower but the cheerleading skirt is in the way - 'Are you not wearing panties under your skirt?!' Brooke remarks. Sophia laughs and says she never does at practice. The girls giggle playfully. Once it's Brooke's turn for her second massage, Sophia asks if Brooke wants her to focus on the lower back too, since it felt so good for Sophia. Bent over, Brooke says she does feel really tense, and Sophia explains that she knows a better way to relieve tension. What else are teammates for if not to help each other out? Brooke seems unsure, but after Sophia assures her that it'll make her feel amazing, ten times better than a massage could feel, Brooke relents and decides to let her friend show her the ropes of succulent lesbian sex.

Jenna Foxx is thrilled to be working with the nation's top trainer, Jayden Cole. The thing is, it's not just the training that's invigorating Jenna. She can't stop looking at Jayden and is in utter disbelief that she's in the same room with such a beauty. When they finish the workout, Jenna tells Jayden that she's never worked out that hard before; she's actually sore! Jayden tells her that they actually have a massage parlor in the gym and if she likes she could book an appointment right away. Jenna is thrilled and takes Jenna up on her offer. Jayden asks Jenna to take off her clothes and lie down. As Jenna undresses Jayden enjoys the view admiring her naked body. Jenna lies down as Jayden pours oil on her body and starts working on her legs. When Jayden gets close to her ass, Jenna spreads her legs open adding that she's just trying to be helpful. Jayden works on her inner thighs and asks her to turn around and lie on her back so she can work the other side. Jenna happily agrees and she turns over and spreads her legs to make sure Jayden can get to those hard to reach areas. Jayden works on her inner thighs before moving up to her stomach and breasts. Jenna smiles and tells Jayden playfully that she doesn't have to be shy. When Jayden asks her what she means. Jenna replies that her pussy could use some massaging as well. Jayden admires her forwardness and complies to her demands giving her exactly what she wants and more!

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Comments on Cooling Down

bigboss says:
With ayumi and Jesse, I really expected more from two of the hottest porn stars in the industry. I wanted crazy wild insane sex, and unfortunately this was more lime tame and quiet sex .... it could have been so much hotter, but I guess they did not have the chemistry that was in my mind !
bigboss says:
Ayumi is the hottest lesbian in porn period! I really wish she would do more films .... She could get any girl she wants ! Isis love and her would be amazing ! Make it happen !

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