Introducing Mr. Big






Approximate Running Time: 00:27:37
Released: 1998

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This is my first time having sex on camera! Believe it or not, my husband Steve and I never practiced having sex "on tape" even once alone before this night. But that is not the only BIG thing for this. I introduce you to Mr. BIG! Mr. BIG! Is not a porn star. He is a REAL LIFE regular guy who we met out while eating pizza. I had no idea what he had in his pants but I saw the bulge and you will get to see his cock for the first time just as I did.

Watch as I get my entire body worshipped from head to toe by Mr. BIG! and a good-looking white guy. The white guy had a more than average cock but when you whip it out in front of Mr. BIG! then you are at a disadvantage. Then both take turns between my legs, eating me to a powerful climax. After that, I get down on my knees for a some cock-sucking action and see that Monster Black Dick for the first time! Watch my eyes get big too. You'll love the close-ups of me stuffing Mr. BIG's fat black pole into my little white mouth!

I then lay back and they both fuck me senseless. I have no idea how many times I cum, but every time was loudly and very visibly. You can clearly hear me begging for cum, saying things like "Empty your balls into me...shoot it deep inside of me!" or "Squirt your load all over me!", which they do. In addition to my own very vocal multiple orgasms, you will see a facial cum shot and not one but TWO deep in my married pussy "creampies" with close-ups. Huge gobs of white creamy cum filling my well fucked MILF pussy. I promise you will see much more of Mr. BIG! balls deep inside of me!
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Cast & Stars: Introducing Mr. Big

Comments on Introducing Mr. Big

bejammin says:
miss mason takes an amazing pounding an gets filled with hot cum

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