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She's In Charge Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:25:24
Released: 2016
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Looking for a girl with an appetite? One who wants that cock just as much as you want to give it to her? Then Barbara Bieber is the woman for you. This classically gorgeous gal has the boobs, the ass, and the youthful image you want! She has all the right stuff in all the right places, and we are not just talking about her body. Barbara knows how to give you a real good time, and can't wait to get started on you. She is a pro in bed, and will really give you a show!

You come home one ordinary afternoon, and there's your girlfriend looking all nervous. She has something she wants to talk to you about, and you are thinking, “ok, if she crashed the car again I'm not going to get angry”. Because everyone knows that there is nothing better than make up sex! Have you ever had fantasies about rough sex, fantasies about dirty, naughty things? Things you joked about in high school? She wants to actually do those things! Barbara will make you have the time or your life!!! Join this VR scene for some naughty action.

Cast & Stars: She's In Charge

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