The Fairy Tale
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Dear folks, what do you think that Rigid East Production, one of the most famous companies producing spanking movies, prepared for you this time? Didn't you ever imagine the Sleeping Beauty bent over her daddy's knee and showing her bare buttocks or Cinderella being spanked by her evil stepmother? We bet you did. That is why Rigid East Production has prepared a special movie for you, called "The Fairy Tale".
You will meet all the characters who make a proper fairy tale - the strict but fair queen, groveling servants, filthy groom and beautiful chambermaids. And, of course, there will be a beautiful princess, too. In fact, we have three of them. The playful twins, always roguish, and their sister, princess Lidunka, usually paying for their excesses. Is there anyone else we haven't mentioned yet? Oh yes, of course, the jester. He will take you through the whole story, explaining everything to you and making sure you don't get blue...
All three princesses, crowing and romping, are playing the blind-man's bluff. Lidunka, with a scarf over her eyes, is looking for her little sisters. The twins, shouting at her and trying to attract her attention, are everything but careful. Suddenly, there is a loud crack and a precious vase turns into a pile of crocks. The twins, laughing, run away, leaving Lidunka to face the music. Their sister, however, is far from willing to suffer for the broken vase. Remembering some rather unpleasant reactions of her mother, she quickly puts a coin into her chambermaid's palm and the crocks are quickly hidden in the apron. Is it because of the money, or because of her loyalty? Perhaps both.
The queen mother is frowning and the expression of her face does not look at all affable. What will she do when none of her daughters is willing to confess? Maybe the maid knows... Oh, she knows all right, but she would not tell. So the chamberlain, playing a devoted servant in front of the queen but in fact looking forward to some lustful action, takes the poor girl to the one chamber of the manor house which is mentioned by others only in a whisper. Ask the jester, he knows...
The harsh whip is dragging the screaming girl towards a pillory in the middle of the barn. Franz, the valet, is slobbering with happiness, watching the frail girl shivering from fear and shame. Hopefully, she won't give away too soon, spoiling the fun. Well, we do not have to worry, she will protect her mistress. After all, she got paid for it.
The groom ties the girl - her shimmy in shreds - to the pillory. Supervised by Franz, the groom starts beating the girl's quivering buttocks with a cane. As the lashing goes on, the girl's moaning turns to loud cries and finally to uncontrolled yelling. And when the ordinary cane is replaced with a soaked one, it is clear that she will come clean before too long. Frankly, who wouldn't?
The girl, half-naked and lathered, is standing in front of the queen. The queen's attitude is purely pragmatic - spare the rod and spoil the child. At least the servants will now know that it does not pay to hold anything back from their mistress. Much more important is that the princess was openly lying. What to do with her? The verdict comes quickly - whatever the chambermaid had to suffer will do for the princess, too. It is completely unprecedented that the dirty hands of a groom should touch the noble body and that a cane should turn her ladyship's buttocks into a red swollen mass. Would you like to know how this is going to end? We won't give the end completely away, but you can be sure that the princess will not escape her painful lesson. And not only that. The queen knows a bit about witchcraft and Lidunka is in for another unpleasant surprise.
Really, we can't reveal everything. This is not the way it goes with fairy tales. One thing is sure though, everything will come out well. All offenders will be deservedly punished, all damages repaid and the viewers will get their money's worth. Not only will they have an opportunity to enjoy a good story, full of tears, pain and teeth gnashing, and to draw a lesson from the fact that lying does not pay, but they will also see that the spanking genre is a very rich one and that Rigid East Production is not afraid to experiment. Don't you believe? Well, go and have a look for yourself!!!